Florida Man Blamed for Taking Tractor to Uncover Biden Signs

"This man went onto my property, took the two Joe Biden signs I had in my yard and them returned with a tractor to run down my fence," clarified Burgess. 

Haines City police say 26-year-old James Scourge took a tractor from a building site and continued to ride through Haines City, destroying Biden signs and in any event, running down a city own speed limit sign. 

"Why carry that to our neighborhood," asked Burgess. "This is a dominatingly Dark neighborhood and you're coming here with that? That is wrong." 

With Political race Day only days away, pressures are intense and individuals are incredibly vocal about who they feel ought to oversee our nation for the following four years. There have been different objections of both Trump and Biden signs being lifted from private property. 

Nonetheless, Burgess had proof; furnishing Range Cove News 9 with photographs of Curse in the tractor with Biden signs inside the lift. 

"To come into our locale and obliterate property - it addresses the canine whistles that Donald Trump has been putting out his entire mission. Remain back and hold on and we have folks in tractors doing this. What does the president need to state about that?" 

Cornelius Marion additionally addressed Range Straight News 9 about what Burgess is calling a disdain wrongdoing. 

"I thought someone was coming to demolish down the house yet I realized that couldn't be correct," clarified Marion. "Thus, I called the police." 

After Scourge destroyed the fence, Marion said he jumped in his vehicle to follow him. 

"He halted traffic and cussed everyone out," he clarified. "There were four signs on H Road, he took the front loader and uncovered them." 

Scourge was accused of amazing burglary auto and illegal entering the building site from where he is blamed for taking the tractor. Haines City police say that Curse professed to be flushed at that point and not ready to recollect what he did." 

"There should be greater discipline," said Burgess. "This was a scorn wrongdoing." 

Burgess disclosed to Range Narrows News 9 that he intends to keep on squeezing the issue to guard what he says is his opportunity to decide in favor of whichever applicant he picks.

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