Walt Disney World Drops Mickey's Exceptionally Cheerful Christmas Celebration, Moves Into Fall With Restricted Park Hours

Walt Disney World hosts dropped Mickey's Joyful Christmas Get-together and has decreased its fall hours as the Covid pandemic keeps on unleashing devastation on Focal Florida's amusement park industry, Disney Food Blog announced. 

For those not comfortable, Mickey's Happy Christmas Celebration is the thing that the business calls a "hard-ticket occasion," or, in other words, an uncommon, twilight occasion for which visitors pay a unique expense so as to appreciate the Enchantment Realm for a couple of hours after the recreation center closes. Guests are blessed to receive occasion themed marches, shows, and treats, while characters are festooned in their Christmas outfits. 

Shockingly, with the Coronavirus pandemic seething and the Florida uber resort previously working at a restricted limit as a result of it, an uncommon ticket occasion isn't probable.

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