Trump says he would not like to start alarm. In any case, he's running on fear.


Bounce Woodward's first book on Trump was classified "Dread." Yet now the president is attempting to refute his own words in Woodward's new book, "Anger," by recommending that he was attempting to keep the country quiet by not uncovering the amount he thought about the perilous idea of the novel coronavirus. 

"You simply inhale the air and that is the way it's passed," Trump said in a Feb. 7 call with Woodward. "As that is an extremely precarious one. That is a fragile one. It's additionally more fatal than even your exhausting sicknesses." 

Addressing columnists for quite a long time thereafter, in any case, Trump over and over made light of the danger, recommending that it was very little more risky than the occasional influenza. 

For example, on Feb. 26, Trump stated, "This is an influenza. This resembles an influenza." 

"By and large, 36,000 individuals per year — 36,000 individuals. Also, you know, that is something that we're not discussing. However, as of this second, we've lost 50" from the coronavirus. 

A pessimist may recommend that Trump needed to keep things quiet since he was worried that a plunging financial exchange would hurt his odds for re-appointment. In any case, how about we lay that aside for the second and consider Trump's clarification that he would not like to make alarm. 

That may be brand new information to the President Trump running for re-appointment. His YouTube video channel is loaded up with prophetically calamitous pictures of savagery, monetary hopelessness and catastrophe. So are the president's addresses and news availabilities, including at a similar scene where he said he would not like to make alarm. 

Here's a testing, drawn for the most part from our information base of Trump's bogus and deluding claims: 

"Radical judges will delete the Subsequent Revision, quietness political discourse and expect citizens to finance extraordinary late-term fetus removal. They will enable appointed civil servants to pulverize a large number of American positions. They will eliminate the words 'under God' from the Vow of Faithfulness. They will singularly proclaim capital punishment illegal, in any event, for the most debased mass killers. They will eradicate public outskirts, cripple police offices and award new assurances to revolutionaries, agitators, vicious crooks and fear mongers." 

— Sept. 9 

"Joe Biden and the radical, communist Democrats would quickly fall the economy. In the event that they got in, they would crumple it. You'll have an accident any semblance of which you've never observed. Your stocks, your 401(k)s." 

— Sept. 7 

"Biden needs to give up our nation to the infection, he needs to give up our families to the savage left-wing horde, and he needs to give up our business to China — our positions and our monetary prosperity." 

— Sept. 7 

"Biden's system is to give up to one side wing crowd, which is actually what he's doing — I don't think he even realizes what he's doing — and give them authority over each switch of intensity in the US government. However, when you give up to the horde, you don't get opportunity; you get autocracy. That is the thing that occurs in all cases. You investigate Venezuela. Look what — look what's happening there and different spots." 

— Aug. 31 

"Our country is seeing a cruel mission to clear out our history, slander our legends, eradicate our qualities, and teach our kids. Furious hordes are attempting to destroy sculptures of our Organizers, mutilate our most consecrated remembrances, and release a rush of rough wrongdoing in our urban communities." 

— July 4 

"In Joe Biden's America, agitators, raiders and criminal outsiders have a bigger number of rights than decent residents, and that is valid." 

— June 20 

"The whole Just field bolsters destructive metropolitan safe-havens, which discharge hazardous hoodlums to threaten your networks here in North Carolina, in all honesty." 

— Walk 2 

"Each significant Democrat running for president has vowed to wipe out gas-controlled autos and decimate the U.S. car industry for eternity."

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