REK, this is the first robot that will "work" with the Mexican government: an educational robot developed in China

So out of nowhere, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, has presented REK, a robot that according to the official becomes "the first robot in the SRE."

There are no details of what its functions will be, or applications, but a quick search leads us to that REK is actually a service robot, which works through voice and through the built-in screen. By the way, his original name is Snow.

 Snow (AKA REK in Mexico) is manufactured by the Chinese company Csjbot (Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd) which, according to its profile, "is one of the main manufacturers of service robots, as well as the brand of restaurant robots best-selling in the world since 2004 ". They have an extensive catalog of robots, including some high-end robots that look more humanoid than Snow.

If we look at Snow's datasheet, we see that it has a lot of built-in hardware. A screen on his head that gestures some emotions when interacting with the user, an array of microphones, speakers, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and LIDAR, as well as a touch screen on its front.

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Among the functionalities it offers, it is said to be able to recognize faces, display advertisements, move around certain places overcoming obstacles and even serve as an educational assistant.

Its control system is carried out through Linux, Android and Windows, but it runs COS, the Csjbot operating system that gives access to all its functionalities. Although apparently the entire user experience can be personalized, this is shown by the image shared by Ebrard: the tablet shows information from SRE.

As we have said, there is no concrete news of what the REK functions will be in the SRE, but a demo that Csjbot has on its YouTube channel shows in detail how it works as a receptionist: responding to voice, and giving instructions to interact with the information displayed on your screen.

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