Mexico, main market for hybrid and electric cars

Mexico is positioned as the Latin American nation that has the most sales of these units, and in this country there are more purchasing possibilities for consumers.

Mexico is the market with the highest number of hybrid and electric car sales in Latin America and it is also the one with the widest range of possibilities for this type of vehicle.

Hybrid and electric car sales in the country rose 26.5 percent in the first half of 2019, compared to the previous half, when 10,407 units were placed, according to information from the JATO Dynamics consultancy.

With this figure, Mexico is positioned as the Latin American nation with the most sales of these units.

The second place is occupied by Brazil with a considerable difference, since it sold 2,331 units in the first six months of the year, reaching an increase of 21.7 percent, compared to the same period of 2018, according to the consultancy.

The high demand of the cities that are located in the center of the country, tax incentives, situations such as contingency and even the fact that the use of these cars is culturally well regarded, are reasons that drive their sales, Gerardo San Román explained. , general director of consulting in Latin America.

The strategic and privileged location that we have and added to the issue of the importance we have in the automotive industry, since it is what allows us to have a certain advantage or progress compared to other countries ", commented Nazareth Black, brand director of the mexica Zacua, dedicated to the production of electric cars.

But the Country also stands out for the number of versions offered.

It was in January 2007 when the first hybrid car in Mexico, the Honda Civic HEV, went on sale, but in 2019 37 models are offered, both hybrids and electric, according to JATO Dynamics.

While throughout 2018 there was an offer of 32 models.

So far in 2019 alone, around 13 new models of both technologies have been launched in the country, among which is Toyota's Corolla hybrid.

Meanwhile, in Chile there are 30 models available for sale; Brazil 26, and in Argentina only 12, refer data from JATO Dynamics.

In Mexico, this growth in the range of hybrid and electric vehicles of all brands offers alternatives that are more accessible to the pocket.

For example, the Prius Base is priced from 389 thousand 400 pesos, and the Prius Premium is from 454 thousand 900 pesos.

But the Prius C (hatchback) starts at $ 329,500, according to the Toyota website.

Gomez said that in addition to the offer, there are more financing options.

Nazareth Black added that in Mexico there is still a lack of government investment for electromobility, because in countries such as Costa Rica, Chile and Colombia there are already projects for electric passenger trucks and buses, where there is government investment.

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