Man with cancer and his dog die the same day

There is a motto that we all know, "The dog is man's best friend", but in this story the friendship was so strong that it lasted even after death. 

Daniel Hove and his dog Gunner ceased to exist the same day. An event that saddened thousands of users on YouTube, as the man lost his life, and after an hour and a half his pet did.

Daniel and his puppy resided in Prescott, United States, the owner was dedicated to being a brave firefighter and former member of the Air Force. He received terrible news when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 9 years ago.

His Labrador Retriever Gunner came into the life of the courageous old man, they both lived very happily. However, when the animal was 11 years old, it began to suffer from a strange disease that affected its limbs and it could not cope easily.

The media ‘Karen11’ in Yputube, Healther Nicoletti, daughter of Gunner's master, mentions that “they were both best friends, they hunted together and went everywhere together”.

“When my dad was agitated, the dog was agitated, my dad was restless, the dog was restless. My dad didn't answer, the dog was the same. So once we saw how the dog was, it no longer moved much, it didn't do well, we knew it was getting closer, ”Nicoletti said.

Finally, Daniel Hove's daughter points out that the dog's veterinarian recommended that it was best to put the dog to sleep to avoid suffering and on May 18 he died.

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