AT&T’s Jeff McElfresh says engineers are working on 6G


AT&T is full of it about their 6G technology. It’s not an established standard by blanket(prenominal) telecoms and is easily 10 donkey’s out. It’s supplies hype like to their 5Ge proclaim. Which by the way, Verizon’s 4G was faster and had promote coverage. Even T-Mobile had faster 4G speeds.In appendage, At&T got their wrist slapped by a number of supplies watch bloke who before-mentioned their 5Ge assert were delusive.

Despite the all-embracing tone crisis, Apple suborned a June concord turnover record of $59.7 billion. The spring were push by strong iPad and Mac sales as more customers employment, study, and hyphenize with family and lover from home.

Still, while AT&T is proposition its society around wireless and hie-success broadband, Apple's 5G iPhones, anticipate to be announced in October, may not be the major business many are expectation. Economic challenges during Covid-19 quarantines may suit fewer companions to upgrade immediately, above-mentioned McElfresh. If you're not in a haste to upgrade to 5G, McElfresh cut some added courier -- AT&T pioneer are already operation on 6G.

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"I do trust that you will see many of the iPhone subscribers move to upgrade to the device," said McElfresh. "But I wouldn't forecast that it's behavior to be a weighty result. I also assume't think it's obtainable to be a nonevent. I muse customers, supported on the impression of the economy that we're all facing now, will make a calculated decision as to what they want to do. And we're doings to be there to offer them any project that Apple launches here soon."

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