Anonymous and Area 51: what is true and what is a lie in their 'leak'

 Anonymous and Area 51: what is true and what is a lie in their 'leak'

The group of hackers has made clear its great capacity to generate noise and media attention. However, most of the information that Anonymous would have released these days is not much more than that, simple noise. Much of the accusations and revelations that have been released about public figures such as Donald Trump or Lady Di are, in addition to little novel, difficult to verify, depending, in the end, on the credibility that one and the other decide to give it.

One of the latest rumors has been directed towards a topic that, as has already been verified, arouses enormous interest in people around the world: the UFO topic. An audio spreads through the networks at full speed, which Anonymous supposedly would have published (in fact, there are no tweets from the account considered official of the group), in which the conversation of a former employee of Area 51 is heard talking about the existence of UFOs .

But unfortunately for fans of these exotic stories, the audio is not new. This is the recording of a call to the American radio program 'Coast to Coast' in 1997, directed by Art Bell. The theme of the program was paranormal events.


The return of Anonymous from the shadows is linked to the anger of the group with President Donald Trump, due to his policies against the protests by George Floyd. The way they have whipped Trump is by accusing him of having participated in the child sex trafficking network for which Jeffrey Epstein was convicted.

The collective published ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book‘, which it has now rescued, although the document dates from 2015, in which names such as Donald Trump or Naomi Campbell appear. However, if true, the book would only be Epstein's contact list, so it does not contain enough evidence to know if any of those named had anything to do with that exploitation network.

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