Aerospace Engineering, the new degree at UNAM

The Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México (UNAM) added new degrees that will grow Mexico’s future. Now, the highest house of studies will teach the bachelor in Aerospace Engineering, approved by the University Council. And so, it adds 129 degrees in its academic offer.

This new degree at UNAM will be taught at the Faculty of Engineering in the famous and unique University City. New students will have the opportunity to take 10 semesters and cover a total of 450 credits.

Regarding the study plan, this will focus on the development of knowledge in aeronautics and space. In addition, students will be able to understand and apply the language and terms used in the aerospace industry.

Similarly, the new generation of aerospace engineers will be oriented to the creation of technological and competitive projects. As well as the development of applications to the national and international industry.

Museum project management

But do not think that this is it, UNAM also added the specialization in Museum Project Management. It also aims to create professionals who will be able to manage projects through methodologies, theories and techniques.

‘Museum Project Management’ will be taught in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, the General Directorate for the Dissemination of Science. And also, of the University Museum of Contemporary Art.

The students will be in charge of these institutions. Regarding the specialization system, it will have a duration of two semesters in which 64 credits will be covered. Don’t hesitate and apply to one of these new bachelors!

Maybe you will become the next aerospace engineer who puts the name of the country very high.

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