With the presence of ABB Group executives, the second edition of APW (Automation & Power World) Mexico was held, which on June 22 and 23 brought together 3,000 people at the Expo Bancomer in Mexico City.

During the opening of the event, Pierre Comptdaer, managing director of ABB Mexico, stated that for the company the Mexican market represents many opportunities and is very promising, mainly thanks to the energy reform where ABB is a very important local player, since 80% of the electrical energy that is produced has been done with some equipment of this brand.

Likewise, in his opening speech, Ulrich Spiesshofer, global CEO of the Swedish-Swiss company, highlighted the changes that global markets are experiencing, both in energy demand, as well as in relation to the fourth industrial revolution and the demand for technology.

"We can see a big change in automation; we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution and it has to do with the industrial use of the Internet so that things, services and people work together in the face of an unprecedented opportunity: that of improving productivity and process profitability, "said Spiesshofer.

The manager warned that in 2020 there will be more than 20,000 million connected devices, which implies that everything is moving to the next level. Faced with these demands, ABB has responded with innovations such as YuMi, the company's collaborative robot, which for the first time landed in Mexico and which can safely operate alongside humans, but is also ready to connect to the different areas of the value chain.

YuMi, which was officially presented in 2015 at the German Hannover Messe, includes flexible hands, part feeding systems, part location using cameras and state-of-the-art robotic control.

Spiesshofer considered that the company is making a difference with technological solutions based on the inclusion of things, people and services in the industrial environment in order to reach the next level of productivity.

That is why in the framework of this event, ABB exhibited its most advanced solutions, aimed at key sectors of the Mexican economy such as automotive, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and packaging, as well as energy, infrastructure and public services.

In addition to presenting YuMi, it also launched in Mexico the Smart Sensor, an instrument composed of seven sensors, designed as a solution for monitoring low voltage motors. This device measures vibrations in the three axes: X, Y, axial load, temperature and other parameters in order to reduce motor downtime by up to 70% and reduce energy consumption by up to 10%. The data is sent to a PLC, a smartphone or a secure server in the cloud, which can be consulted in real time.

A current engine with the vibration sensors already included has a high cost. This sensor can be installed in any motor, works via Bluetooth, does not need cables and can save the costs of sensors, accelerometers and installation.

"It is a retrofit solution that can be put into the casing of any electric motor. There are 300 million motors installed in the world in different types of operations; if we put a sensor in each of those motors and if we used that information derived from there, in the most appropriate way, we could reduce downtime in industrial processes in a very significant way, up to 70% ", explained the manager.

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