A study indicates that 80% of patients infected with Covid-19 have had heart problems

While some scientists continue to develop the vaccine against Covid-19, another group of researchers are studying the possible consequences that it could bring in the long run to people recovered from the coronavirus, in which they warn that at least 80% of infected people have had some Heart problems.

After a study carried out on one hundred patients at the Frankfurt Hospital, in Germany, between April and June of this year, the researchers concluded that 78% of the recovered patients have had heart damage. In turn, 60% continue to suffer from myocardial problems.

Both results are independent of "the pre-existing conditions, the severity and general course of the disease, and the time elapsed since the original diagnosis." Of which 53% of the patients were men and 47% women.

The patients were evaluated through cardiac markers, which serve to measure the function of that organ, in addition, magnetic resonance imaging was also applied.

The most common damage was inflammation of the myocardium. During the MRI, about 20% of the patients reported atypical chest pain or palpitations, while a third had shortness of breath. After 71 days of treatment, of the 100 patients, 67 recovered at home and the other 33 were hospitalized.

“Our findings may be an indication that a larger part of the population has the potential to have suffered the same damage. Our conclusions need to be demonstrated with a larger group, ”the researchers cautioned in a study recently published in the journal JAMA Cardiology.

While it is unclear whether the damage that recovered coronavirus patients suffer to the heart is transient or permanent, the scientists concluded that "these findings indicate the need for continued investigation of the long-term cardiovascular consequences of COVID-19."

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