What are players saying about conditions at the PGA Title? 'The ball doesn't fly far here

Since the arrival to golf toward the beginning of June, hot conditions have been the standard, with better than expected temperatures in places like Fortress Worth, Texas; Hartford, Connecticut; and a week ago in Memphis. 

That is not the case this week at TPC Harding Park, nonetheless, as San Francisco's crisp, foggy setting has given the PGA Title a unique background from the Visit's past occasions. As indicated by meteorologists, lows are relied upon to be in the mid-50s and high temps scarcely arriving at 70, with light rains irregularly moving through. 

In what capacity will the world's best handle these conditions at the year's first major? This is what they've needed to state. 

Jon Rahm during a training round for the 2020 PGA Title at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Pictures) 

Jon Rahm 

On his impressions of the fairway and the climate being colder contrasted with past PGA Visit occasions. 

"I may be an inappropriate individual to ask since I haven't seen the green yet. It will be a short answer. All I've seen is the chipping green and the range. I can let you know in a few hours once I've played nine holes, however it would appear that clearly this West Coast climate, somewhat cooler, odds of downpour. Harsh will be quite solid and thick, and it would appear that fairways, from what I've seen, are tolerably limited, right, so significant title golf, we simply need to have great in each impact of your game and believe in all aspects of your game and ideally be the one remaining solitary on Sunday." 

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On if the temperature being cooler and air heavier in San Francisco has any kind of effect and how he makes modifications. 

"No, there will be a distinction. I think we as a whole have our screens, whatever we have, from the get-go in the week to see the distinction. Particularly being someone who lives in Arizona, the thing that matters will be noteworthy. And yet, where I experienced childhood in Spain is basically similar to this. Same climate all year, same kind of atmospheres and — well, that is something very similar. 

"Be that as it may, same, suppose, condition around, same sort of fairway. It will be basically similar to returning to Spain playing golf when I was growing up. Climate shouldn't bug me, something I'm utilized to, and definitely, need to become accustomed to how far the ball is going. Generally, we'll have the option to foresee its vast majority. It's exactly when the breeze gets, knowing it's that sticky air, somewhat heavier, it will influence it more than it has in certain spots. Better believe it, it's practically nearer to what we play on The European Visit, which I've excelled on, so ideally I can this week." 

Jordan Spieth during a training round for the 2020 PGA Title at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Pictures) 

Jordan Spieth 

On if the cooler climate in San Francisco has any kind of effect in his game. 

"Better believe it, I was somewhere in the range of 10 to 13 yards shorter with a fundamentally the same as swing and ball speed with the irons, and the driver is up to 20 yards shorter in convey, and that is standardized on the Runner. No doubt, it's totally different. That is to say, I played nine holes every day as of now, so I've seen the fairway, and I would state it's been harder for me to hit — to focus on a portion of the clubs first time around, so I'm happy that I've played a few openings and had the option to hit in certain crosswinds into the breeze and truly perceive the amount of an impact it truly has. In any case, I'm accustomed to playing the AT&T there at Rock Sea shore each year in February, and we get fundamentally the same as conditions to this." 

On how extreme TPC Harding Park is playing and what the greatest difficulties are? 

"No doubt, it's intense. I played the back nine today. It was quite substantial there. 11, 12, 13, 14 are intense, and afterward on the front nine you sort of get a blend of a few openings where you have a feeling that you can get at them, and afterward you get a few or four of every a five-gap stretch where you've recently got to sort of hang on. The harsh is up around the greens. It's not amazingly troublesome around the greens the extent that leaving yourself short-sided. The shelters are truly playable. There's not enormous lips and the sand is unadulterated, so you don't get in a difficult situation in the event that you miss shots in the sand around here. 

"In any case, with these conditions, in the event that we get cooler climate and some wrap getting, at that point you're taking a gander at all the more a 10 under. In any case, if the breeze fades away and it warms up a tad, I believe you're in a circumstance where if folks are truly controlling the ball tee to green, the greens are a truly makeable speed and there's not a huge amount of incline to them, so you could see some lower scores possibly. I believe we're somewhat estimated some place in the middle of the two, thus my desire going out is to attempt and — isn't a hang on with a death grip, standard is an extraordinary score, but on the other hand it is anything but a how about we fire at flagsticks. It's sort of some place in the middle of where a couple under is a strong round." 

Justin Thomas during a training round for the 2020 PGA Title at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, California. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Pictures) 

Justin Thomas 

On his considerations on the fairway up until now and how it analyzes to other PGA Titles. 

"Better believe it, the pleasant thing about the PGA is that I feel like we play a wide assortment of fairways. All incredible fairways, yet I mean, I didn't play Bethpage a year ago, yet this is not the same as Bethpage. It's route not quite the same as Quail Empty. It's not the same as — I'm attempting to think — not the same as Bellerive, not the same as Baltusrol. No doubt, it's simply — they're all extraordinary, yet they're all acceptable tests for what they are. It's intriguing thus. 

"Yet, this course is extraordinary. It's good times. It's directly before you. It's not deceived up. You simply need to hit the fairways. You must have control of your ball. That is to say, I've just played 18 holes, however it appears to be entirely troublesome in my eyes. I believe it will be somewhat to a greater degree a test this week than possibly some before."

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