The Corvettes Are Floating Once more

Englishtown's amazing quarter mile shut a couple of years back. In the event that you see two Corvettes arranging under the pinnacle currently, it's not for racing; it's for floating. 

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Screen capture: Chris Szczypala 

I don't have a clue what it is that I find so especially fulfilling about this vid. Presumably it's that there are two Corvettes being driven by individuals who probably won't have fit into the customary Corvette segment even a couple of years prior. That is, they can drive. On the off chance that two silver Corvettes wound up at the lights together, it used to be this would occur: 

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Simpletons Who Slammed Coordinating Corvettes In Thanksgiving Race Prosecuted For Lawful offenses 

I sat in my brother by marriage family room last Thanksgiving Day, appreciating occasion… 

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Presently we get the opportunity to see them taking part in that generally American of car conventions: the figure eight. It looks scrappy consistently. 

The other thing that I find so fulfilling, I believe, is the repurposing of American works of art for up-do-date couples. That the vehicles floating here are Corvettes, that they're on the Englishtown drag strip—this is a similar sort of disposition, a similar sort of vehicles, a similar setting as it's been for quite a long time, yet with another vitality.

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